Curves at its finest.


Our curvy cutting boards start with a face lamination of white hard maple, black walnut and densely rich bloodwood. The curvy lamination at 1/4 inch are thinly sliced walnut and maple veneers, all cut by hand and honed within 2 thousandths of an inch. These beautiful curves are full thickness inlays, which is not often found in your standard inlayed boards.  


This premium board comes equiped with edge hand holds and little rubber feet that prevent movement on the counter.


The richness of colour, density of woods and durability of finish make this cutting board a quality handmade product all around.



Upon purchase of any cutting board/butcher block product, recieve a lifetime of refinishings at 50% off.  


Finish options:


1) 100% natural tung oil

It takes a while to dry but its well worth the wait. Offering a natural alternative to the chemically modified products on the market today, this finish takes a  full  30 days to cure.   For best results, we recomend not using the board until then! 


2) Modified tung oil

This FDA approved product dries in 6 hrs, cut away!

Cutting Board - Curvy

  • Dimensions:

    11" wide x 15" long x 1 3/4-7/8" thick



    112oz / 6 1/2 - 7 lbs / 3.15Kg