Have an existing cutting board that needs refinishing?


We offer in house refinishing to make your dull and knife marked cutting boards look new again.


Product size restraints:

20" x 20" x 8" depth


additional fees apply on products outside of these ranges.


One catch! At these rates you'll have to drop off and pick up your cutting boards. See contact page for store location.


Be sure to take advantage of our re-finishing promotion where all of our returning millwerx cutting board customers come with a lifetime of re-finishings at 50% off.


Finish options:


1) 100% natural tung oil

It takes a while to dry but its well worth the wait. Offering a natural alternative to the chemically modified products on the market today, this finish takes a  full  30 days to cure.   For best results, we recommend not using the board until then! 


2) Modified tung oil

This FDA approved product dries in 6 hrs, cut away!

Cutting Board Refinishing

  • Dimensions:

    20" x 20" x 8" maximum size for flat rate re-finishings.