Back to basics. 


Hard white maple and smooth curved edges with finger holds on both ends to ensure easy maneuvering. Simple yet refined, this board does what its meant to do! 


***Upon purchase of any cutting board/butcher block product, recieve a lifetime of refinishings at 50% off.  


Feet options:

Use both sides or have us install the same anti-slip rubber feet we use on our premium boards as an addition. 


Finish options:

1) 100% natural tung oil

It takes a while to dry but it's well worth the wait. Offering a natural alternative to the chemically modified products on the market today, this finish takes a full 30 days to cure.  For best results, we recomend not using the board until then! 


2) Modified tung oil

This FDA approved product dries in 6 hrs, cut away!

Cutting Board - Maple

  • Dimensions:

    11" wide x 15" long x 1 3/4-7/8" thick



    112oz / 6 1/2 - 7 lbs / 3.15Kg