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To take the stress out of your project

We take the wonder and stress out of the project process. See below for the steps we have found the most effective in bringing your dream project to reality without all the fuss.

also view our PRODUCT SELECTION FORM to see just how easy we make it...

The Connection

Email us your favorite photos of projects you love & the rough area you are looking to re-build. Drawings on napkins are accepted ;)

The Measure up

When you are ready we book an appointment to digitally measure your area in full.  AT NO COST!!! Our tolerances are within 0.01"

The Renderings

The much anticipated renderings! A full 3D drawing of your proposed project using your wants/needs and our years of experience to make a seamless project.

The Booking

Setup your install date, make your deposit and let's get moving.

The Trades

What about the other aspects of the project. Who worries about that?

WE DO! Use your own trades or use ours. We provide all information to trades for electrical, plumbing, appliances, flooring and lighting so the project runs without a hiccup and is planned ahead of time. Saving you money and time...

The Ballpark

Often we return your email same day! Included is a rough idea of what your costs would be for your project.

The Survey

After going over a short survey we have a great idea of what your looking for and the budget you want to keep in. Function vs Beauty or a mix of both!

The Rough estimate

Line itemized estimate of every product in your kitchen so you know exactly what your paying for. Remove or add items at your discression to put your budget into perspective.

The Details

Heres where we shine. Visit the showroom or our online docs for all the options you have across the board.

We Re-issue drawings with your exact countertop selection, paint colors, floor tiles and even lighting. Final estimates are approved and everything ironed out ahead of time.

Step 10 "The Install

We install with pride, take our time and do not issue an invoice until you are satisfied with your project 100%

What Our Clients Say

millwerx client

Dominique Tasse

My kitchen cabinets look fabulous and I couldn't be happier.
The time you spent explaining the process and what my options were was truly helpful in giving me a true vision during the decision making process.

Image by Markus Spiske

WHY Millwerx?






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