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Architect hold plans

What to



Line itemized estimates

Forget the lump some costings, add and subtract project pcs to match your budget. Know what your paying for and how much.


Add your exact tile, backsplash, counters and doors, wall paint and more... no more guessing on the finishes.


innovative lighting

Functional room lighting brought right under the counter, up close and personal. Programmable Bluetooth systems that no other kitchen provider is offering.


constantly adding new space saving and functional aspects to our designs with input from our clients and real life application.


a contractors dream

supplied drawings for electrical, plumbing, flooring etc. no more pointing the finger between trades on your dime. we eliminate issues between trades with open communication and drawing layouts. Or we provide a one stop shop and use our own trusted tradesmen.

product discounts

hood vents, sinks, faucets, countertops and more!

clients of millwerx receive discounts on products across the board, the only thing better than a "one stop shop" is a "one stop shop" with savings!!!

Image by Damir Spanic

Online Product selections

view options, pick selection and do it all from the comfort of your home.
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