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From our family to yours

When spending on the most expensive room in the house, and pulling hard earned money from your savings... Weighing your options and searching for a business that works that fine line between cost and quality, design and function is a must.  Millwerx handles every project for your family like we would our own. Trust is key, honesty and integrity above everything else.

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Why Millwerx?

At Millwerx we are cabinetmakers.... not contractors, not general carpenters or Facebook kitchen discount guys!!! Our tools, expertise and shop equipment is dedicated to cabinetry alone. You wouldn't hire the pool boy to fix your plumbing so avoid disaster, contact an actual cabinet business.


Look at all the huge discounts out there... At Millwerx we dont jack the price up and offer discounts year round, tricking our clients into getting a deal... The pricing is fair, its transparent and allows us to stay in business so if you call in a few years for a warranty, we're still here and able to help you.


4 out of 10 calls we get today are to fix cabinet jobs that were done by other "professionals", how do you like those odds???  Every time, the added costs to fix a project are more than our original costs to do it right the first time. Weigh the costs that custom is over builder grade or "i know a guy", it works in your favor every time.


Our products are built in-house at our 6000 Sq foot production shop, your quality is held in our hands and not dependent on other business like 90% of shops out there today.

Our cabinets are built to the millimeter of what your specific need is, not purchased with set sizes from a wholesaler and assembled like IKEA. Tetris is a fun game but just because something fits now doesn't mean it wont "get" you when the jobs complete...


Avoid designs that look nice but don't function...and how would you know? You wouldn't', most designers have as much experience making cabinets as you do. Too often we hear from clients that they were sold goods that don't exist or can't be installed in the nature the designers proposed. At Millwerx, designs are made by an actual licensed cabinet maker, not "intern" designer. We offer you someone that has built thousands of cabinets and knows the depths of installing to make that 4D design work every time.


We purchase materials from quality providers in Austria and Italy, we are not interested in high profits by utilizing knock off hardware but in longevity and service for our customers. Don't replace builder grade with yet another builder grade...

We take the time to explain the products and process, look for budget friendly options without skipping corners. We want your referral and approval not to speedily bang out your project for the buck.

There are many more reasons to choose Millwerx, the main reason is that we actually care... visit us today and you will see the clear difference when working with us over the competition.

Thankyou for reading!


Matt Harbridge

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